Summary of available works

The table below provides a summary of the papers available for download in pre-print form, along with DOI links to the published version.

Sort OrderArticle ReferenceArticle NameTopicsJournalDOI
11Fox Simsek and Heavey 2023Venture team membership dynamics and new venture innovationStrategic leaders; innovation; new venturesStrategic Entrepreneurship Journal10.1002/sej.1473
10Simsek Fox and Heavey 2023Systematicity in Organizational Research Literature Reviews: A Framework and AssessmentLiterature Reviews; Systematic Reviews; Systematicity; Research methodologyOrganizational Research Methods10.1177/10944281211008652
9Simsek Heavey Fox and Yu 2022Compelling Questions in Research: Seeing What Everybody Has Seen and Thinking What Nobody Has ThoughtResearch methodologyJournal of Management10.1177/01492063211073068
8Heavey Simsek Fox and Hersel 2022Executive Confidence: A Multidisciplinary Review, Synthesis, and Agenda for Future ResearchStrategic leaders; Journal of Management10.1177/01492063211062566
7Simsek Heavey and Fox 2022A managerial interfaces perspective for competitive action researchManagerial interfaces; competitive actionsLong Range Planning10.1016/j.lrp.2021.102141
6Fox Simsek and Heavey 2022Top Management Team Experiential Variety, Competitive Repertoires, and Firm
Performance: Examining the Law of Requisite Variety in the 3D Printing Industry (1986 –
Requisite variety; top management teams; competitive repertoires; firm performance; repertoire complexityAcademy of Management Journal10.5465/amj.2019.0734
5Fox Grove and Souder 2021When Good Deals Need Help Getting Done: Articulating Side Payment Strategiesbi-form games; value creation and capture; side payments Long Range Planning10.1016/j.lrp.2021.102072
4Simsek Heavey and Fox 2018Interfaces of Strategic Leaders: A Conceptual Framework, Review, and Research AgendaStrategic leaders; Firm actionsJournal of Management10.1177/0149206317739108
3Simsek Heavey and Fox 2017(Meta-)framing strategic entrepreneurshipFirm actions; innovationStrategic Organization10.1177/1476127017711720
2Simsek Fox and Heavey 2015What’s Past Is Prologue: A Framework, Review, and Future Directions for Organizational Research on ImprintingIndustry dynamics; Strategic leadersJournal of Management10.1177/0149206314553276
1Heavey Simsek and Fox 2015Managerial social networks and ambidexterity of SMEs: The moderating role of a proactive commitment to innovationStrategic leaders; innovationHuman Resource Management10.1002/hrm.21703


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