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GB604 – MBA Global Strategy

  • (not taught this semester)

GB604 – Accelerated Online MBA Global Strategy

GB410 – Global Strategy

Blogs with interesting analysis, research, and commentary (in no particular order)

  • CivilTalk – A company co-founded by my uncle Keith Fox, with the intent to foster substantive discussions about the key issues in politics, economics, and civic society today
  • Musings on Markets – My friend Will Sparks pointed out this professor from NYU (Aswath Damodaran) who provides nice, digestible insights on the financial markets
  • Organizations and Markets – A co-operative development between a number of scholars, including one of my advisors Dick Langlois, which has a number of interesting applications of organizational economics
  • Benedict Evans’ Newsletter – My friend Will Pearce pointed out this really insightful newsletter that looks at trends in tech and strategy and implications for equity markets and beyond
  • WILTW – A product of 13D research, this is another recommendation from Will Pearce that is heavy on the “deep think”. Note that the subscription price is steep
  • WBW – Admittedly not a deep cut, nonetheless Tim Urban puts out a number of interesting perspectives on a variety of topics
  • Visual Capitalist – Need a nice infographic on a topic of the moment? You will probably find one here
  • The Daily Shot – Global macro trends, visualized
  • A16Z – Some interesting discussions and podcasts about developments in the Valley and beyond
  • No Mercy, No Malice – Another Will Sparks recommendation of a marketing professor at NYU with punchy reads and great graphical illustrations
  • Neighborhood Notes – Shameless plug for a travel blog that my wife and I update from time to time (not nearly as often as we should) based on our trips here, there, and everywhere for conferences, her work, and for fun
  • Statistical Modeling – A blog run by a number of faculty at Columbia talking about statistical models, causal inference, and more, with Andrew Gelman and others contributing
  • Morning Brew – An eclectic daily newsletter that my wife and sister-in-law found a while back – a nice way to get broad coverage of the day’s stories with some interesting sidebars, too
  • Future Today Institute – A group that my wife Ashley pointed out to me led by Amy Webb, who has worked on building a portfolio of “futurism” tools – the intent of which is to anticipate how major strategic plans might play out in the coming years

Interesting YouTube Channels

  • 3Blue1Brown – Do you want to really understand math at a deeper level and from multiple angles? Grant is a magician when it comes to simple but powerful explanations of maths across the levels
  • Kurzgesagt – Simple explanations of complex phenomena, with an emphasis on interesting “what if” questions
  • Charisma on Command – A number of discrete tactics with great examples to help you have a more commanding presence in personal and professional settings
  • Primer and Minute Physics – Admittedly not as relevant for business and economic applications in all cases, there are a number of videos on these two channels that touch on pertinent applications (e.g., supply and demand) while also just having a bunch of cool stuff that helps you think about how the world works (e.g., test sensitivity, why the solar system is flat, etc.)
  • Rick Makadok’s Strategy Research Proseminar – A series of video interviews with some of the leading lights in the field of strategy and beyond – if you want to learn more about the cutting edge of research in this field, here is a good place to start
  • Veritasium – Bunch of interesting topics in math, science, and social science that is digestible and with good guest speakers

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  • Bookdown (a way to elegantly structure and publish lecture notes)

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